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cumin water benefits Losing weight will reduce many problems

cumin water benefits Losing weight will reduce many problems

What are the benefits of drinking cumin water?
cumin water benefits

The more important cumin it is to eat as much as it is in cooking. In Cumin, copper, manganese, minerals are rich in antioxidants present. All these elements save the radicals from harming the body and pull them out of the body.

Drinking cumin water benefits quickly result in weight loss if you have urged abdominal fat, drink cumin water every morning. This will reduce fat faster.

Drinking cumin water regularly causes the skin to glow and not to acne. Skin-related problems decrease due to the nutrients contained in it.

Drinking cumin water strengthens the digestive system. Exemption from problems like constipation, acidity, etc.

Bad cholesterol and fat cannot be accumulated in the body by drinking cumin water. So drinking cumin water benefits reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Washing the head by drinking cumin water will make the hair soft and shiny.

What are the health benefits of cumin tea?

There will be 10 benefits, including weight loss, a way to make the tea of cumin
All of the health benefits of cumin are known, but few people know the benefits of cumin tea. There are many benefits, including reducing weight, improving cancer, enhancing immunity power, from cumin tea.
benefits of cumin tea
Ingredients and Methods for Making cumin Tea

- 1 tablespoon cumin
- 250 ml of water

method :

Take one tablespoon of cumin in a vessel, stirring it for 5 seconds on slow gas. Then add boiling water to it. Once the boil is done, let the gas stop and wait for 5 minutes. After that, enjoy a cup of cumin tea. You can add salt and honey inside the flavor.

10 benefits of cumin tea

- Weight loss: Drinking cumin seeds reduces fat in the body. So the weight seems to decrease quickly.
- Heart Problem: Drinking cumin's tea causes cholesterol to decrease, which prevents heart problems.
- Digestion: Thymol in the tea dish improves digestion and reduces constipation.
- Cancer: Cumin has tea in the tea lymph, which helps prevent cancer.
- Energy: By drinking cumin, electrolytes remain in balance and energy is maintained.
- Fever-Capsicum: There are antibacterial properties of cumin seeds, which prevent fever-infections.
- Prevent illnesses: Drinking cumin tea increases the body's immunity and protects from diseases.
- Anemia: cumin has a high amount of iron in tea, which prevents anemia (blood deficiency).
- Brain power: Vitamin B6 in cumin tea, which helps in increasing brain power. Drinking it increases memory
Sunday, May 5, 2019

Do these three work in the morning, reduce weight in 7 days

Do these three work in the morning, reduce weight in 7 days

Fitness Quotes
Whose to be gross? We make many attempts to prevent obesity being caused by a scurrilous appearance and many diseases. However, in some cases when there is a difference in weight, despite many efforts, the person gets frustrated.

For this, we should first take control of cottage, snack at the right time, exercise and yoga, etc. For this, we will ask you to do three such work so that your weight will start falling in seven days.

1. Drink water in the morning

Waking up in the morning and drinking water in a variety of ways is beneficial. This causes the toxicity of the body to emerge and the body gets energy. With its powerful antibacterial properties, lemon juice helps fight infections Helps with maintaining digestive health. Lemon juice with warm water helps in quick weight loss as it promotes digestion and increases the metabolic rate. Lemon juice is also very effective at cleansing the liver as it promotes the liver to flush out toxins This makes the immune system strong and helps in weight loss.

2. Wake up, jogging and exercising in the morning

Warm up, jogging, and exercising after drinking water. Do not be lazy at all. A morning walk is best for a good morning start. Walking in the morning is half an hour of exercise in the gym. One to one and a half kilometers of jogging burn many calories in the body. Blood pressure and oxygen binding are also good.

3. Time snacks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner time should be fixed. Suppose you eat breakfast at 9 o'clock in the morning and breakfast at 9 in the morning, then there is a 12-hour gap between you. So breakfast should not be delayed further. One thing to understand is that as soon as you snack your obesity will grow as quickly as possible. In Indian tradition, breakfast is considered very important in the morning.

Doing Breakfast does increase fat in the body and calories get accumulated. Those who want to lose weight should have breakfast early in the morning. Otherwise, your metabolism begins to slow down and the body becomes unnecessarily fat. So breakfast should be done at the right time. now proven 30x more effective at melting fat than dieting or exercise click here 
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The University of the Netherlands researched over 50 years of age, happy couple live long

The University of the Netherlands researched over 50 years of age, happy couple live long 
happy couple live long

It is also necessary for a person who wants to live a long life to be happy and to keep a happy marriage. In one study this has come to the fore. According to a study published in 'Psychological Science Journal', a person's spouse has an active life, his own lifestyle is more likely to be active. Olga Sistorova, a Tilburg University researcher in the Netherlands, said, "This study shows the social environment surrounding a person's health. If your partner is in depression and you sit in front of a TV and you like to eat chips, then you will get almost every evening too. ' Sistorov has studied over 4,400 couples over the age of 50 in the United States
happy couple live long

An estimated 16 percent of respondents died after 8 years of collecting statistics. Those who passed away were elderly, less educated, less fortunate, physically less active and ill-healthier than living respondents. He was less satisfied with relationships than living responses and even in life, and his partner was also less satisfied.

According to the study, the risk of death of those whose partner was satisfied at the beginning of the study was relatively less. The people involved in the study asked many questions about the choice of a partner. Most of the questions were about their daily life and social-economic system. Both husband and wife were asked similar questions. Most answers seem to be similar to one. 
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Monday, April 22, 2019

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for what to do and not do for a healthy lifestyle

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for what to do and not do for a healthy lifestyle
healthy lifestyle guidelines

The World Health Organization has released some guidelines for the first time on digital health technology. Many people feel that I am fit. 
But this is wrong when a person gets into a disease when he feels that he is not healthy. Illness does not mean any disease. Nowadays obesity or pain of infection is a sign of not being healthy. So let us know what to do to stay calm and what should not be done

Exercise health benefits
1. What to do: According to research, 18% of people are those who never exercise. Whereas 40 percent of those who quit exercising after exercising one month of exercise.
What to do: If you want to lose weight or not reduce weight, you should exercise 30 minutes daily. Exercise five days a week, if not every day possible. If you can not exercise, increase your physical activity as much as possible and stay 30 minutes away.

Benefits of drinking water
2. What to do: According to one survey, 60% of people drink only 2-3 glasses of water a day. Many people are suffering from many diseases because of not drinking water. Doctors believe that the main cause of rising diseases in the current period is not to drink water.
What to do: Take the habit of drinking water for the first morning. Many people say they can not drink more water. You need to practice for this. If you drink two glasses of water daily and one day decide that if I drink 10 glasses of water from today, then it is not possible. Gradually, the volume should be increased gradually. Drink more water if you have problems drinking water.

Morning snacks
3. What do we do: Many people do not understand the importance of a snack. However, from doctors to dieticians all people believe that breakfast is necessary for the morning. If you are following dieting then morning breakfast is the most important part of it.
What to do: Make a habit of breakfast in the morning. Decide whether it is too late, but in the morning, eating something from home will only be eaten. If it is not possible to do this, keep the fruit together. Keep things that are already in the drawer of the office table, if you have to do breakfast at a time, you can eat something in the office.

Do not sleep enough
4. What do we do: In the present time people's life has become so busy that people can sleep for 5-6 hours due to work. Sometimes sleep is not enough to spend more time on gadgets such as mobile, laptops.
What to do: It is very important to know how you are sleeping at the time of sleep. For example, every day you are taking 7 hours of sleep. But there is no sense of such sleep if someone is raising you frequently. You wake up and go back to sleep again, in which the brain does not calm down and sleep does not even finish.
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Try this solution to prevent damage to the eyes by continuously working on the computer

Try this solution to prevent damage to the eyes by continuously working on the computer
fitness quotes

Most of the work is done through technology nowadays in digital time. As the morning rises, the eyes fall on the phone screen. Then come back to the office and have to work constantly in front of the computer. A mobile phone arrives at hand even when it gets nights. In this way, our eyes remain on an electronic screen in some way throughout our day. As a result, inflammation occurs in the eyes, sometimes the eyes become dry. Sometimes it seems to look dim for a few moments. It is necessary to pay special attention to the eyes in these circumstances.
If it is not possible to reduce the working hours on the computer, try not to constantly sit against the computer. Take a look at the screen from time to time and do some exercise with the eyes.

Do not let the eyes hurt, keep these things in mind

➤The computer screen should be in front of your eyes or slightly lower.
➤Doctorial advice and periodic eye drops.
➤Take a look at the computer screen every 20 minutes and see the space that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
➤Set a 20-minute alarm for mobile if you do not even have time to work and look taller, which will remind you that you have to exercise your eyes.
➤Set the computer's brightness by time Keep Brightness down at night. Keep a distance between 20 to 30 inches between the computer screen and the eye at the time of day.
➤Blue light rays emanating from the mobile screen cause much damage to the eyes and disturbs sleep. To prevent this, use a mobile app that uses a Blue Light filter like 'Twilight'.
The program is 100% safe and it’s been proven to work.
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Eye Floaters

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Diabetes can be caused not only by eating sweeteners but also due to these reasons

Diabetes can be caused not only by eating sweeteners but also due to these reasons

Diabetes has become commonplace in today's world. Even at an early age, this disease is caused to people. It may seem normal to hear this disease but it can also prove to be dangerous.
diabetes reason
In general, people have assumed that diabetes is only due to eating habit. But this is a full-blown belief because diabetes is a lifestyle-related illness and many reasons may be responsible for it. So let's see today's 5 major causes of diabetes.

Bad Lifestyle 
The most common cause of diabetes today is a bad lifestyle. Younger people are responsible for their illness following this illness. Apart from this, physical and mental inactivity also causes diabetes. If you want to avoid diabetes, change your lifestyle from today so that you can avoid this terrible illness. Urgent diabetes health bulletin from the doctors at the International Council for truth in medicine  No time to watch the video? Click here to read the transcript

Hereditary cause
There are so many reasons for diabetes, but one of them is also a hereditary cause. If a parent has a diabetic in a family, then in the future you are more likely to get diabetes.

Do not take time to eat and diabetes can be more if the amount of junk food is high. Also, if you are overweight and have a BP, the risk of developing diabetes increases. Eating too much sugar and drinking less water can lead to diabetes.

Insulin in the body
Cells and cells get energy from the sugar delivered by insulin in the human body. In the case of diabetes, insulin hormones are produced in small quantities and when insulin is reduced, the cells do not react properly to the cells and blood, which does not cause energy and damages the body.
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How much exercise do I need for my age?

How much exercise do I need for my age?

We know daily exercise is good for optimizing health But it is also important to know how much time and exercise is done every day. There are some rules for physical activity. Exercise should be chosen only by taking care of age, the ability of home health. According to Wet Lose Specialists, there is a definite count of how much and what workouts people should be doing.
fitness quotes

For ages 5 to 27

Children and young people should have an intense workout of at least 60 minutes daily. It should include most aerobic activity, such as general sports, outdoor-indoor games, or general exercise. However, be careful that the intense workout is done only under the guidance of the appropriate trainer.

For people aged 18 to 64

Men and women of this age should have a moderate-intensity aerobic activity for at least 150 minutes a week. That means exercise should be done approximately 30 minutes every day for 5 days a week. If you do not get enough time, exercise can be done for 75 minutes a week or 5 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day. If there is no time, then the muscle strength activity must be performed at least twice a week. Keep in mind that the main muscles such as legs, hands, belly, chest, and shoulder exercises are involved.

For people over 65 years old

This age group must have a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise every week. That is, should exercise 30 minutes daily for 5 days a week. Many diseases in the body have been broken at this age and physical abilities have also decreased. Therefore, seek advice from your doctor before exercising. more  Prefer To Read — Click Here