Friday, April 12, 2019

Diabetes can be caused not only by eating sweeteners but also due to these reasons

Diabetes has become commonplace in today's world. Even at an early age, this disease is caused to people. It may seem normal to hear this disease but it can also prove to be dangerous.
In general, people have assumed that diabetes is only due to eating habits. But this is a full-blown belief because diabetes is a lifestyle-related illness and many reasons may be responsible for it. 

diabetes reason
major causes of diabetes.

So let's see today's 5 major causes of diabetes.

1. Bad Lifestyle 
The most common cause of diabetes today is a bad lifestyle. Younger people are responsible for their illness following this illness. Apart from this, physical and mental inactivity also causes diabetes. If you want to avoid diabetes, change your lifestyle from today so that you can avoid this terrible illness. Urgent diabetes health bulletin from the doctors at the International Council for truth in medicine  No time to watch the video? Click here to read the transcript

2. Hereditary cause
There are so many reasons for diabetes, but one of them is also a hereditary cause. If a parent has a diabetic in a family, then in the future you are more likely to get diabetes.

3. Overweight
Do not take time to eat and diabetes can be more if the amount of junk food is high. Also, if you are overweight and have a BP, the risk of developing diabetes increases. Eating too much sugar and drinking less water can lead to diabetes.

4. Insulin is the body
Cells and cells get energy from the sugar delivered by insulin in the human body. In the case of diabetes, insulin hormones are produced in small quantities and when insulin is reduced, the cells do not react properly to the cells and blood, which does not cause energy and damages the body.
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  1. Diabetes is reversible. I am talking about the most common form of diabetes which is type 2.

    I have reversed it in so many cases myself and there are documented cases of thousands of people who have reversed diabetes with the help of experts.

    Glucose is the sugar which is used by every cell of the body to produce energy. This is carried by a hormone insulin to most of the cells. When sugar levels are high, the cells do not allow sugar inside and that is when we say Insulin has become ineffective. i.e. Insulin sensitivity has come down and the condition is known as Diabetes when excess sugar starts to circulate in the blood.

    Even the fat cells no longer store sugar. So any activity which burns energy will make your insulin sensitive and push glucose inside the cells reducing your sugar levels in the blood. When the intake of sugar is reduced, a similar result is observed.

    It takes a long time for the body to reverse diabetes and the body needs a lot of nutrients, as in a diabetic State the body is depleted of many nutrients.

    Diabetics are prone to infection and other chronic diseases like kidney failure, heart disease etc.

    Therefore it is important that you reverse the diabetes with a controlled and customized diet and not by yo yo dieting like reducing food intake. I definitely think that every parent needs to check out the site if you’re serious about reversing your type 2 diabetes.

    Good luck!