The University of the Netherlands researched over 50 years of age, happy couple live long

Couple fitness quotes

couple fitness quotes
couple fitness quotes
It is also necessary for a person who wants to live a long life to be happy and to keep a happy marriage. In one study this has come to the fore. According to a study published in 'Psychological Science Journal', a person's spouse has an active life, his own lifestyle is more likely to be active. Olga Sistorova, a Tilburg University researcher in the Netherlands, said, "This study shows the social environment surrounding a person's health. If your partner is in depression and you sit in front of a TV and you like to eat chips, then you will get almost every evening too. ' Sistorov has studied over 4,400 couples over the age of 50 in the United States
couple fitness quotes
couple fitness quotes

An estimated 16 percent of respondents died after 8 years of collecting statistics. Those who passed away were elderly, less educated, less fortunate, physically less active and ill-healthier than living respondents. He was less satisfied with relationships than living responses and even in life, and his partner was also less satisfied.

According to the study, the risk of death of those whose partner was satisfied at the beginning of the study was relatively less. The people involved in the study asked many questions about the choice of a partner. Most of the questions were about their daily life and social-economic system. Both husband and wife were asked similar questions. Most answers seem to be similar to one. 
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