Try this solution to prevent damage to the eyes by continuously working on the computer

Most of the work is done through technology nowadays in digital time. As the morning rises, the eyes fall on the phone screen. Then come back to the office and have to work constantly in front of the computer. A mobile phone arrives at hand even when it gets nights. In this way, our eyes remain on an electronic screen in some way throughout our day. As a result, inflammation occurs in the eyes, sometimes the eyes become dry. Sometimes it seems to look dim for a few moments. It is necessary to pay special attention to the eyes in these circumstances.
eyes fall
eyes fall
If it is not possible to reduce the working hours on the computer, try not to constantly sit against the computer. Take a look at the screen from time to time and do some exercise with the eyes.

Do not let the eyes hurt, keep these things in mind

➤The computer screen should be in front of your eyes or slightly lower.
➤Doctoral advice and periodic eye drops.
➤Take a look at the computer screen every 20 minutes and see the space that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
➤Set a 20-minute alarm for mobile if you do not even have time to work and look taller, which will remind you that you have to exercise your eyes.
➤Set the computer's brightness by time Keep Brightness down at night. Keep a distance between 20 to 30 inches between the computer screen and the eye at the time of day.
➤Blue light rays emanating from the mobile screen cause much damage to the eyes and disturbs sleep. To prevent this, use a mobile app that uses a Blue Light filter like 'Twilight'.
The program is 100% safe and it’s been proven to work.
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