How to make six pack abs without working out

People who have lost hope through a workout, Making a Six Pack Abs to Do Surgery in Thailand

20 to 30 people are reaching every month for the Six Pack Abs surgery in Bangkok Hospital

Surgery costs around 2.60 lakhs, in which the fats stored around the abdomen are removed

six pack abs quotes
six-pack abs quotes
People in Thailand are making Six Pack Abs by Surgery. These are people who were doing a lot of workouts to make six-packs, but they got a failure.

The surgery takes three to four hours
Under this abrupt implant surgery, the fat around the abdomen is removed, so that six-packs can come out. According to the Thai website 'Coconuts', this method is very effective. After surgery, the body looks completely natural. The effect of this Six Pack also lasts for a long time.

The name of this hospital in Bangkok, claiming Six Pac Abs is a 'masterpiece'. This is a hospital where cosmetic surgery is performed. The hospital claims that it takes three to four hours for the surgery. Silicone implants are not performed in this surgery. Because the body does not look good after putting silicone. The hospital says that the cost of this surgery is Rs 2 lakh 60 thousand rupees.

six pack abs quotes
six-pack abs quotes
About 20 to 30 people are coming to the hospital every month
"We are doing this surgery for three-four years," said surgeon Ravivat Meskmado, a hospital surgeon. We have also got licenses like other hospitals in Thailand. We are getting applications from 20-30 people every month for Six Pack Surgery. 90% of the people who come to this surgery are hospitalized, who work out every day in the gym. But their abdominal fat does not shrink and they can not make six-pack abs. '

He further said that young people usually need workouts and weight loss for a six-pack. Most of our customers are those who have more muscles. However, people are expected to succeed in reducing weight without making much effort in less time.

The surgery trend has been reported by sharing the image of the model
According to media reports, this type of surgery is happening in many countries now. But those who have this surgery want to hide their identity. The case of this type of surgery in Thailand came against when Model Ome Pangpapan shared his photographs on social media after performing Six Pack Abs surgery.

Recovery is painful
The hospital claims that this surgery does not hurt the body. However, viral photographs on social media show that recovery after surgery is very painful. There is also a loss of blood. According to a study, complaints from all 10 of the people who undergo such surgery have been found to flame fluid around the abdomen.
six pack abs quotes
six-pack abs quotes


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