Importance of warm-up exercises active muscles and reduces heart attack

Warm-up exercises are an essential part of every exercise. It activates the body for exercise (cardiovascular and musculoskeletal). However, often people do not value the warm-up. Warm-up exercises may not be very helpful in building muscle or burning calories, but they are very important for any workout success.
warm-up exercises
Warm-up exercises

➤Muscles have a flow of oxygen
Doing the warm-up raises body temperature. This is especially beneficial for muscles. Increasing body temperature also increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, so they have no problem with stretching and relaxation. This makes it even easier to exercise harder.

➤The chances of a heart attack decreasing
The warm-up also gives the heart time to prepare for a workout. It does not cause unnecessary excessive pressure on the heart. Many cases of heart attack are seen or heard immediately during workouts or immediately after exercise. This happens if not properly warmed-up. If you do a warm-up, you will be less likely to have a heart attack during or immediately after a workout.

➤The risk of injury decreases
Warm-up increases the flexibility of the muscles, which reduces the risk of muscle injury during exercise. Similarly, cooling down after a workout also relieves mucus and there is no possibility of pain or swelling.

➤Helps to prepare mentally
It is also important to be mentally prepared for a workout. If you are not mentally ready, any form of exercise can seem daunting and there is a possibility of skipping. With warm-ups, your body and mind will be ready for exercise and even the toughest warm-ups exercises will feel easier.

Exercise on machines becomes easier
A warm-up helps improve performance during exercise. The benefit of this is that the machines are easier to use during exercise. Machines that help create mussels without warm-up should never be used.

What to do in a warm-up?
It has become clear that warm-ups are very important for people of all ages and for every body type. It helps you achieve your goals in the gym. Warm-up exercises can be done for 5 to 10 minutes. But the question is, what should be done in a warm-up? Some warm exercises can be done for warm-up or jogging, cycling, etc. In addition, stretching is also part of the warm-up exercise
warm-up exercises
Warm-up exercises

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